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EFB Pellet | Ash Fertilizer

Renewable and sustainable energy is a hot discussion topic through out many countries in the world.  DST Technology has heavily involved in many biomass sustainable energy sectors such as providing EFB (Empty Fruit Bunch) Fibre, wood chip and palm kernel shell to the market.  Now we introduce EFB pelletto the biomass fuel industry.  With EFB pellet, we have wider up our products list for our customer selection.

EFB Pellet

EFB Pellet

DST has dedicated biomass pellet mill strategically locate in between several palm oil mill. We do have a strong relation and contract with the palm oil mill for supplying us empty fruit bunch.  Our empty fruit bunch resource has become the confident for us to supply EFB pellet to export market.

EFB Pellet Application

EFB pellet is a palletize material manufacturer from EFB (Empty Fruit Bunch) from palm oil mill.  EFB Fibre is a raw type of biomass material with many restrictions especially for export market.  EFB Fibre goes through a palletize process becomes EFB pellet, and this palletize biomass fuel is easy transportation, handling, application and expectable result.  EFB pellet has become an important biomass fuel for the industry.

EFB Pellet Specification

Calorific value = 4,200kcal/kg

Moisture level < 15%

Ash content < 10%

Pellet diameter = 5mm

Pellet Length = 20mm

EFB Pellet Packaging

The EFB pellet is packed under jumbo bag with 750kg per bag.

We welcome to contact us on any inquiry for understanding more about our EFB pellet.

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