A Valuable Asian Herb – Mahkota Dewa

Mahkota Dewa is a traditional Asian herb originates from Papua & Irion Indonesia. The formal name for this plant is Phaleria macrocarpa.  The fruit of Mahkota Dewa has been proved by many study consist of several functions that improving our health, such as diabetes, Cancer curing and Hepatitis.

Mahkota Dewa Fruit

Mahkota Dewa Fruit

This plant is originally planted in Indonesia and due to more and more people know it function, the plant also start planting in Malaysia.  In Malaysia, Malay is the nation starts apply the Mahkota Dewa as part of their normal life.  The red colour fruit is where the herbal function being extracted.

Mahkota Dewa is commonly added in coffee or tea sachet, people will consume and getting the benefit from this healthy herb.  There is also capsule form available for those who require higher dosage.

How Mahkota Dewa Looks Like?

Mahkota Dewa looks as ordinary bush, many people may not recognize this plant if not pointed out.  Side image is the Mahkota Dewa plant photo snapped in the plantation.

Mahkota Dewa Tree

Mahkota Dewa Tree

The red colour smaller than palm size fruit growth on the tree is where the Mahkota Dewa essential extracted.  The fruit will be harvested and dried.

What Mahkota Dewa can do to improve our life?

There are many research carry out on understanding the nutrition of Mahkota Dewa.  Flavonoid is one of the nutrition.  Flavonoid is commonly found in natural fruit or vegetable.  Flavonoid also being reported brings beneficiary effect to human health that act as an antioxidant, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory.

Saponin nutrition is also another important nutrition found in Mahkota Dewa.  Another famous Asian Healthy herb, Ginseng, also consist of Saponin nutrient.

Alkaloid is the important substance affected one’s physiological effect.  Alkaloid substance commonly found in plant.  Mahkota Dewa is one of the plant with this nutrient.


How to get Mahkota Dewa?

As more and more people aware the nutrient benefit from Mahkota Dewa, the industrial value is increased.  Most of the Mahkota Dewa is planted by individual in the village, this will drive the challenge on maintaining stability nutrient level.

Since the nutrient is directly extract from the fruit, the fruit quality should be able to maintain certain level of quality.  In order to reach a stable nutrient level, the Mahkota Dewa should be planted in an organic environment to ensure minimum contamination to the fruit.  Pesticide and chemical fertilizer should be avoid or eve ban to ensure the contaminant will not be carry forward in the food chain.

We supply Quality Mahkota Dewa

We supply Mahkota Dewa that plant with organic fertilizer, such as using organic fertilizer, compost to nourish the plant.  The plantation land also newly convert from originate land.  This is a virgin land that free from chemical fertilizer and pesticide  During the nurturing stage, we use our own organic fertilizer to ensure minimum exposure to contamination.

The harvesting is carrying out manually and the whole process is without introducing any chemical.


We are planting and producing Mahkota Dewa fruit that aim for the market.  And we are looking forward for working together with you as part of your supply chain.

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    Where can I buy the plant as I wanted to plant at my courtyard.

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