06 MayAbout Palm Ash

Ash can learn as a left over product from a biomass being burnt.  The palm ash is the left over after burning of palm tree.

Palm Ash

Palm Ash

Many crop farmers aware of bunch ash which is rich in Potassium content, however palm ash seems to be a new term to them.  White to grey colour powder form of bunch ash has been widely used in many plantation as a source of Potassium to the crop.  Due the scarcity of pure bunch ash, crop farmer has to drop this Potassium rich nutrient but going for chemical fertilizer, such as NPK fertilizer.  Palm ash comes into the fertilizer source list under this circumstance for replacing bunch ash.

Source of Palm Ash

Palm ash is the product derived from palm shell, palm fibre and bunches.  The palm kernel and empty fruit bunches is a good source of biomass boiler, and the left over product is becoming the source of palm ash.

The burned left over product will go through series of processes by removing foreign substance and retrieve the valuable palm ash that suitable for fertilizer.

Application of Palm Ash

The powder type of palm ash is rich of Potassium.  One of the main applications for palm ash is used as organic ash fertilizer.  The organic type ashes can be mixed with other fertilizer such as manure, rice husk or microbe to formulate a nutrient balance fertilizer for various crops.

Organic fertilizer is a mandatory product for introducing microbe in the soil.  Many studies have shown that organic fertilizer or palm ashes have brought substantial advantage to crop.

Oil palm plantation and maize plantation are the 2 crops that introduce palm ash as part of their fertilizer management system.  Further more, due to continual high price on NPK fertilizer, many plantation owners have re-studied their fertilizer management system to include palm ash as part of their strategy.

Supply of Palm Ash

DST Technology is a famous palm ash supplier for supplying quality ash products to the region.  The palm ash product is packed under 2 major packaging methods.  Consumer could buy the bulk palm ashes product either pack under 50kg per woven bag or 900kg per jumbo bag.  DST does have biochar products that also serve the similar application as palm ash.  Please contact DST to understand more about palm ash product.

We are going to discuss more about organic fertilizer and fertilizer management system which palm ash played an important role.

5 Responses so far.

  1. Ken Yap says:

    I read with great interest your post about palm ash as I own some acres of oil palm plantations and looking for better alternatives to replace chemical fertilizer. Please kindly email me your product specs and pricing for study and evaluation.

    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Oil palm tree is a kind of tree that requires good or even heavy nutrition. By only adding palm ash may not be enough to replace other fertilizer.
      One of the main objective by adding palm ash to oil palm plantation is to correct the soil pH. Perhaps, we had came across many palm oil estates who bought palm ash from us.
      So far have you done any study to understand your land properties?

  2. kimmy says:

    since palm ash is classify as organic fertilizer, what is the % of organic matter ?

    • admin says:

      Hello Kimmy,
      Yes, if you take ash for organic matter measurement, you should be able to get the reading for organic matter. However the purpose for Ash Fertilizer is not contribution for organic matter. If you are interested in organic matter, I would propose we look into compost.
      We do have compost fertilizer, which consist higher organic matter %.

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